TSU Card generator

ID Card generator idea

For toysoldiersunite.com, I created an id card generator that took profile data and gave a printable card in return.

The generator looks who is logged in and goes through the user data to fill in most of the stuff required.

Everything else is filled in using some open inputs and selectboxes with more data linked to the user.
As a last step, the user has to upload an image for use on the card.

The output is created server-side with some calculations and templates provided by one of the site admins.

Though buggy at first, the generator itself was something they’ve been asking for since long before I joined the network.

Project demands

  • The generator has to be easy to use for everyone.
  • The file upload for the avatar has to be flexible.
  • The end result has to be in a printable format.

Want to see it in action?

Click here