TSU map

The big idea behind the map

For toysoldiersunite.com, I created an interactive map that shows the location of all the soldiers who registered for the site.
The map itself is made with the google maps API and uses some self written jQuery in order to reposition itself every day.
It includes the following things:

  • User positions
  • A random marker for the digital bunker
  • Custom markers for users who provided one.
  • A random starting position every day.
  • Search and filter functionalities

How it works

An extra page in the wp-admin provides a list of users who have registerd and provided location detail.
With a few simple clicks the system goes through these users to check with Google what the coordinates are for said user.
This will in turn be stored with the user details to show on the map.

Besides users, admins can also add divisions on the map.
This by providing a location and link to the group page.

On the frontend, an ajax call gets all the data and adds this to the map.
With every search/filter action a new call is made and the map updates itself with the new data.
And positions it so that all the markers are visible

Want to see it in action?

Register here and have a look over here!