Conversations with myself – #15 Insanity

“There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.” – Oscar Levant.


I will not pretend to be either of those.
I’m not insane nor a genius.
And anyone who would like to make me believe otherwise, is free to do so!
I might have both my insane and genius moments.
But that doesn’t make me one…

And don’t forget the many times you’ve been called insane.
Not only by yourself, but by others as well!

Yeah, but I’ve never seen it as an insult.
Insane, crazy, weird… You could see them as different words for unique.
A very strange kind of special, if you will…

If anything, it’s what defined you.
And it’s important that you keep embracing your insane moments.

I’ve had many of those… Good moments to look back to.
Walking a long distance on bare feet (unpracticed).
Tripping over a bridge railing and walking it off for another few kilometers before getting someone from first aid to look at it.
The difference in doing something insane and being insane, is not doing the same thing again though!
I could try and eat 10 hamburgers in 5 minutes, that would be insane.
But if I were to try it again after I failed, that would make ME insane!

So you dare to say that you never did the same stupid thing again?
In the 24,5 years you have been on this globe, you say you have never hit your head on the same rock…
More than once!?

Well… Sure…
I’ve had my share of repetitive mistakes in the past.
But never the exact same thing.
There was always that little thing that made the difference.
A small part of me that learned from my past and strives to never make the exact same mistake again.

Fair enough, so you’re not a complete idiot.
But what about those genius moments you’re talking about?
I can see you as an insane person, but find it hard to label you as a genius of some sorts.

Well yeah, but then again, what is a genius?
Do you want to go with the Wiki explanation for this one?
Because if that’s the case, than yes… I’m not a genius…
But again, I won’t call myself a genius!
I do what I can to help others with the information I have.
But I’m not all knowing on one or more subjects!

So what would be the other explanation for a genius be?

My genius goes towards the Roman religion.
A guardian spirit/angel that’s always around to help you.
A forgotten meaning to an abused word.

So why would you not be that kind of genius?
Sounds like you’ve got solid ground on that part.

Because I will not always be around.
If I’m not even able to help myself, how would I be that kind of a genius?

That’s for you to find out.
To me, you’re both insane and a genius.
But who am I to convince you 😉