Sophie Smith Art – WordPress website

I was requested by Sophie to create a simple website where she could showcase her art and advertise her services.
Based on a Google Docs document, we had some talks and I started putting together some simple plugins into a default WordPress installation.

For this project, I only did the technical parts.
As Sophie was the creative genius, she was in charge of finding a theme that she wanted to use as well as providing me with all the custom demands she had for the theme.
It wasn’t long before she realized how she could make changes to the theme herself and the project got off the ground even faster.

In 2 weeks after I started the setup on a temporary host, all the basic content was provided and the website was ready to be released into the wild.

Want to take a look for yourself?

Website requirements

  • Fully responsive
  • Clean looking
  • Easy sharing options for social media
  • Multiple gallery options
  • About me page
  • Overview of services and pricing
  • A blog
  • Twitch live-stream integration
  • Easy to maintain
  • Secure and fast